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Streamlining Human Resources & Credentialing

Our Services

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Human Resource Services

  • Executive consultations

  • HR manuals

  • Policy & Procedure handbooks

  • Payroll

  • Staff training & development

  • Comprehensive HR audits & assessments

  • Organizational restructuring

  • Corrective & disciplinary action plans

  • Performance management

  • Employee rewards & incentive programs

  • Legal & HR Compliance

  • Succession planning

  • Employee engagement


Commercial Insurance Enrollment

Submitting participation requests to the insurance payor through their credentialing process.

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Medicaid Enrollment

The purpose of Medicaid provider enrollment is to ensure eligibility, compliance, module management, and outreach. We will help you with proper enrollment. During the enrollment process, the Department of Health and the Agency for Persons with Disabilities reviews data, monitor escalated issues, and perform on-site reviews to guarantee adequate care plans.

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Full Cycle Onboarding & Offboarding

Full cycle onboarding is a comprehensive approach for talent acquisition. Offboarding includes the separation process when an employee exits the company through means of layoffs, termination, and resignation. We will assist in the entire process for a smooth transition.

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CAQH Registration

A trusted source for collecting provider data used in the credentialing process. The data can be used at a future date for quality assurance and processing claims.

Done Deal

NPI Registration

Type I & Type II

This is the unique identifier number for healthcare providers to enhance the effectiveness of the transmission of electronic information.


Our goal is to impact, empower, and advance the way organizations deliver service.

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